About Syneco


Our area of expertise is providing companies and public organizations with practical consultation and support in the field of sustainable development. Our customers benefit from the strengths of an interdisciplinary team in which experts from the fields of business, technology, science, and law work closely together.

Together with our clients, we create sustainable value through innovative business models and strategies for the future. In practice, this means we increase the economic and environmental performance of our clients and improve their outcomes for society.

Our goal is to achieve perfect SYNERGY between ECONOMY and ECOLOGY.

Therefore our name: SYNECO


In order to offer our clients the best possible benefit, we ourselves constantly strive to improve our services. Therefore, we decided to implement a quality management system and have thus been ISO 9001 certified since 2011. Our goal is to continually optimize our processes and ensure their transparency.

The targeted use of computer-assisted documentation and analysis allows us to work more efficiently and minimize our errors. We see the standard as an incentive to maintain, and even increase, the high demands that our stakeholders and we ourselves place on the quality of our services.

We therefore expect every single member of our team, including the top management, to take a motivated and goal-oriented approach to their work and to take charge of their areas of responsibility. Room for improvement should help us as a team to ensure the future-oriented development of SYNECO.