Municipality of Camugnano

Project Description:

The municipality of Camugnano (BO) created a master plan beginning 2008 for issues of energy savings, renewable energy and the development of natural resources. As part of this master plan, a development plan for an APEA (Area produttiva ecologicamente ATTREZZATA; ecological industrial park) was created with European and regional funds in relation to the project which was initiated by the Emilia Romagna region. The “Parco dell'energia polo tecnologico Gumiera-Val Limentra” was seen by the Province of Bologna as a pilot project in the field of energy. The site was equipped with a small biomass combined heat and power plant (100 KW) with innovative technologies: Gas turbine with external combustion (RCO) to process the wood chips of sub-optimal quality (from Apennine forest clearing); the thermal energy is transferred to a district heating power plant to produce hot water and steam for private and business purposes. A district heating plant with biomass for public buildings was also planned with our support.

Services Provided:

  • Master plan
  • Training course “sustainable construction and energy performance certification”
  • Participation in the annual event “Agorá dell` Energia” in the ENEL-ENEA center in Brasimone
  • Concept development in relation to the Parco dell `Energia and preliminary infrastructure project
  • Preparation of the APEA tender
  • Support during the various development phases and management of the APEA parks
  • Definitive concept development of the APEA combined heat and power plant
  • Definitive concept development of the district heating plant for public buildings