Municipality of Nova Levante

«A sustainable energy supply is becoming increasingly important for our society, therefore the Municipality Nova Levante decided to have an energy roadmap developed in order to define visions and goals in the field of energy and realize them successfully, sustainably and locally.» 

Jürgen Pardeller, Deputy Mayor/Councilor for Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry, Transport and Energy for the municipality of Nova Levante

The declared goal was to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to thus ensure a locational advantage due to lower energy costs and greater security of supply for individuals and companies.

The municipality has various energy resources that could be clearly quantified and specified by the energy roadmap. Greater use should be made of these resources in the interests of our citizens and the local economy. After an extensive evaluation of the current energy needs under the energy roadmap, the municipality now also has a catalog of measures with possibilities for savings. All the measures were backed by economic considerations.

While developing the energy roadmap it was also determined for example that the construction of two district heating plants in our municipality would be very beneficial economically, socially and environmentally. This solution also makes sense because of the relatively large wood potential in the municipality. Currently, both district heating plants are being planned. Through this measure alone, in the future approximately 800,000 liters of heating oil a year will be replaced by wood chips and approximately 8 million euros will be invested.

With the help of the energy roadmap, the municipality has managed to “find the right path” for their energy needs. The energy roadmap is a strategic planning tool for the next 10 to 15 years and will serve as the basis for decisions on projects in the energy sector with the goal of improving the quality of life of our citizens.

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