Municipality of Vermiglio (TN)

Project Description:

In 2011, the Province of Trento made considerable funding available for the creation of a municipal energy roadmap(ERM) in the municipalities of the province of Trento. Municipalities that were interested in creating an energy roadmap could apply for this funding from the Province of Trento.

Even before deciding to create an energy roadmap, the municipality of Vermiglio had already taken initiative and had implemented or begun several projects in this area. For example, several photovoltaic systems had been installed on municipally-owned buildings and a contract had been awarded for the realization of the first construction section for a small district heating plant in Vermiglio. Furthermore, the idea had been proposed to build a “didactic energy park” around the cross-country skiing center.

The challenge in the context of the energy roadmap was to identify new potential for sustainable energy production and energy savings and to integrate the existing ideas and projects into the energy roadmap.

Services Provided:

The largest, preventable source of CO2 in the municipality of Vermiglio was and is the substitution of fossil fuels for heating purposes. Currently, fossil fuels are the primary source of thermal energy in Vermiglio. One of the biggest CO2 emitters in the municipality was and is the district heating plant around the tourist area at Passo Tonale which is currently still operated with approximately 1,200,000 liters of crude oil per year.

When creating the energy roadmap, it was possible among other things to initiate discussions which have resulted in plans to change the district heating from crude oil to wood chips in 2014. Furthermore, the plans for the proposed and already partially realized heating plant in the center of Vermiglio were economically and technically optimized and supplemented with a detailed business plan.

In addition to these measures, suggestions were also made for reducing energy consumption in public buildings and potential analyses with cost-effectiveness calculations were prepared for the areas of wind power, biogas, photovoltaic and drinking water power plants. In addition, a plan was created on how the general public can be optimally integrated into this process.

The energy roadmap has provided the municipality of Vermiglio with a planning tool that they can use as the basis for all essential energy decisions for the next 10 to 15 years.

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