Intelligent Services for Energy Companies

Local utility companies are required to continuously optimize their operation. Smart grids for heat and electricity can make a decisive contribution to optimizing the use of primary energy sources.

Project Development and Acquisition

SYNECO offers comprehensive support for the strategic analysis and the realization of investment and development projects, from identifying the business opportunity all the way to completion of the transaction.

Strategy Development

At SYNECO, we work closely with our clients to develop an effective company strategy. Here we mainly work together with clients from our core areas of energy and environment. We consult both public corporations, investors and private companies.

Operational Energy Management

Through professional energy management, energy is used efficiently. In this way you save costs, protect the environment and create a basis for sustainable business. Depending on the type of energy saving measures, white certificates can be applied for.


Feasibility Studies

SYNECO examines the diverse factors that influence the success of an energy production plant. We carry out extensive feasibility studies on biogas, district heating, wood gasification, photovoltaic and vegetable oil CHP plants.


Approval Process

SYNECO handles approval processes for power plants in and outside of South Tyrol. Approval requirements are clarified with the relevant authorities and the required documents are prepared under consultation with planners and authorities.


Due Diligence

SYNECO assesses the technical and economic feasibility of projects in the field of renewable energies, thus providing investors and banks a solid basis for their decisions..

Planning Power Plants

SYNECO provides planning services for the areas of systems engineering, electrical engineering, fire protection and project monitoring during the construction phase. We work together with a trusted partner agency for the area of structural engineering.


EIA Life Cycle Analysis

As an independent consulting company, SYNECO assesses the environmental impact of projects, particularly in the area of renewable energy, and proposes solutions for eliminating or reducing any environmental impacts.

Research and Development

The continuous exchange with various universities allows our employees stay abreast of the latest developments in basic research. Together with our partners, we develop concrete projects to implement new knowledge in projects and products.



The optimization of plants in the field of energy supply and related fields in terms of consumption and type of use of the primary energy sources is becoming increasingly important. The rising energy costs (e.g. from fossil or renewable fuels and electric power), are increasingly influencing the economic success of a company. SYNECO develops solutions to help companies reduce their primary energy use.


Administrative Support for Power Plants

SYNECO handles all the client’s administrative activities with the various authorities such as GSE, Terna, AEEG and customs that are required for the approval and ongoing operation of production plants with renewable energy sources.

Energy Certificates / ESCO Contracts

As an accredited ESCO (Energy Service Company), SYNECO supports energy efficiency. For every energy savings implemented, the actors receive corresponding certificates that can be traded on the market or through bilateral agreements.



SYNECO supports communities in improving their energy supply situation. The end result for the community is a positive perspective and concrete implementation measures for a sustainable municipal energy concept.


Waste Management Consulting

“The waste of today is the resource of tomorrow.”In the sense of closing the cycle, we strive to create material flows that use the raw material and energy potential in waste and at the same time create economic added value.


Support for Waste Management Companies

SYNECO supports waste management companies (transport companies, landfill and recycling center operators) with the registration in the National Directory of the Chamber of Commerce and with administrative services.

Innovation Consulting + Project Financing

We will assist you with the development of ideas, all the way to market-ready solutions for your customers. Be it a physical product, a service or a business model.

Integrated Management Systems

Integrated management systems enable an organization to carry out the systematic and coordinated implementation of the tasks to be performed on the basis of a uniform standard. SYNECO offers services in the areas of quality, environment, energy and safety.