Intelligent Services for Energy Companies

Local utility companies are required to continuously optimize their operation. Smart grids for heat and electricity can make a decisive contribution to optimizing the use of primary energy sources.

Strategy Development

At SYNECO, we work closely with our clients to develop an effective company strategy. Here we mainly work together with clients from our core areas of energy and environment. We consult both public corporations, investors and private companies.

Research and Development

The continuous exchange with various universities allows our employees stay abreast of the latest developments in basic research. Together with our partners, we develop concrete projects to implement new knowledge in projects and products.


Innovation Consulting + Project Financing

We will assist you with the development of ideas, all the way to market-ready solutions for your customers. Be it a physical product, a service or a business model.

Integrated Management Systems

Integrated management systems enable an organization to carry out the systematic and coordinated implementation of the tasks to be performed on the basis of a uniform standard. SYNECO offers services in the areas of quality, environment, energy and safety.